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High-tech polymer injection moulding

Microfluidics plastics for medical tech industries

Our Services

Experts in polymer Solutions

Medical Injection Molding

Dedicated team to develop medical device injection molding projects, from design, tool manufacturing, injection molding and packaging.

Design and Co-Development

Erreka believes that a close contact between chips designer and injection molding project designer is a key for a successful product.

Polymer Injection Molding

Erreka applyes scientific molding processes + advanced injection techniques to achieve a robust microestructures replication needs

Lab on a chip

Erreka has an experienced team to manufacture polymer based microfluidic chip components.

Why Choose Us

6Production plants around the world

500devoted ERREKA Employees.

1961An experienced and historic company 

4Business fields and expertise areas.

About Our Company

Our main aim is to establish a mass-scale production, under one roof, of disposable Drug delivery and IVD medical devices based on microfluidics.


Microfluidics, also known as Lab-on-a-chip (loC), consits of fluidic manipulation throught micrometric channels allowing laboratory testing technics integrated on a chip.

Microfluidic devices or Lab on a Chip, provide significant advantages, namely real-time blood analysis, the use of small samples, reduced cost through lesser material use, proccessing time decrease with high production control.  

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