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Erreka can be the ivd contract manufacturing you need for the manufacture of your medical device components. With the full path from design to manufacturing and packaging of the components.

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All the experience of 60 years in industry to be a perfect partner.

Erreka developed different teams and capabilities, to assure the quality and service of the manufactured product to be served. With strong teams in design, automation, process, quality and manufacturing process.

IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics) contract manufacturing plays a pivotal role in the production of medical device components, especially in the realm of diagnostics and therapeutic devices. Securing the right partner for IVD test component is crucial to ensuring the quality, precision, and efficiency required for these critical components.

Partnering with a proficient IVD contract manufacturer offers numerous advantages, such as streamlined production processes, cost-efficiency through economies of scale, and the assurance of consistent, high-quality components. Additionally, collaborating with experts in IVD component fabrication services allows medical device companies to focus on innovation, research, and the development of groundbreaking diagnostic solutions while entrusting the manufacturing intricacies to seasoned professionals.

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  • ISO 8 cleanroom.

    Full injection process and packaging inside an ISO14644 ISO8 category clean room.

  • Modern electrical injection machines.

    All the medical components manufactured in the most cutting edge electrical first level injection machines, capable of working with advanced injection techniques such as variothermal or coining processes.

  • Automatized injection cell.

    In house team for define and manufacture process automation equipment for parts handling, vision camera automatic control or packaging, assures a constant flow process.

  • ISO 13485 certificate

    Erreka medical is certificated with the ISO13485 QUALITY MANAGEMENT FOR MEDICAL DEVICES, that defines the controlled working way of us.

  • All processes in one roof.

    All the needed processes to design, manufacture and packaging in one roof since tooling manufacture, set up of the manufacturing cell and quality control development and complete manufacturing of the products.

  • Medical and optical grade polymer.

    Different medical grade materials injection such as: COC, Flex COC, COP, PMMA, PC, PS…

Ivd contract Manufacturing

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