Medical Mold
Transfer Process

Erreka defines the actions to minimize the risk of the transfer, adapt the tool to Erreka standards and make complete transfer in few weeks.

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In house tooling and highly experienced injection process team to optimize transfered tool.

After tool status and injected parts analysis, tool adaption to Erreka standards are done, as well as additional tool modification if necessary. In injection, an optimized injection process will be defined using the Scientific injection molding process.

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  • Quick tool adaption process.

    In house Toolshop allows a quick mold adaption and a quick transfer of the project.

  • Scientific Injection molding.

    Scientific injection molding process knowledge to set an optimized injection process by a standard and robust way.

  • Internal automation department.

    Our internal automation can adapt quickly, automation, packaging or vision camera systems to achieve a quick complete working cell setup.

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