Medical device prototyping

Medical device mock-up to reduce prototype time while keeping the final tool quality.

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It is important to have medical devices quick prototypes but with the definitive process and tools.

Erreka knows that one of the keys is to have medical device rapid prototyping parts as close in the manufacturing process as definitive parts, so that different options for quick tooling manufacturing are done.

By integrating rapid prototyping methods aligned with the manufacturing process, Erreka strives to expedite the development cycle while maintaining accuracy and functionality. This strategy allows for the exploration of various options in tooling manufacturing, enabling swift adjustments and enhancements to meet specific project requirements.

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  • Different adaptable toolbases

    Erreka developed several toolbases depending on the injection technology and size to adapt to specific matrixes or inserts for quick iterations.

  • All processes in one roof

    All the needed processes to design, manufacture and test the tools in one roof, with cutting edge equipment for CAD/CAM, Milling, EDM, WEDM, laser welding and tool testing. This accelerates the prototypes injection process

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